Simply Effin Astounding

Welcomed into the streets of Sunrise City during her genesis, Simply Effin Astounding quickly made a name for themselves spilling the blood of many a Regulator.  They quickly began taking in newly registered refugees and helping them to learn the ropes, equipping them with much needed gear and all the right narcotics that would ensure their saftey in the harrowing times to come.  They say that the streets of Sunrise are ruled by gangs, and the Municipality lets them believe it, but those who have graced the ranks of Simply Effin Astounding know more.  They know the truth.  Simply Effin Astounding has been the stepping stone for many a refugee who has gone on to build their own power.  So though there may be self proclaimed thugs and leaders, and the Municipality strokes egos with Gang Wars and tournament style killing fields, and the gangs believe that they breath life into the darkened streets of Sunrise City, you can follow the trail and truly see that when it comes to owning Sunrise City, it all leads back to being Simply Effin Astounding.

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Simply Effin Astounding
Locations: Based in Canada's Northwest Territories with cells across the globe.

Leader: OGNightHawk, IrishOwnedNubs, RavenLunatic

Brief: Somebody throw in a couple dead hookers and lets get this s**t started!