The aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign has led to the destruction of the Scorpion Chamber. With no governing body left, player gangs can now fight for control of territory throughout Sunrise City. Build a gang and establish "street cred" for your crew based on individual and team achievements. Go to war against your opponents using a diverse arsenal of weapons, abilities and boosts. Capture all 20 unique combat zones and own it all, generating cash, bonuses and loot for your gang’s dominance. Stake a claim in the future of the city and rule the streets with your gang logo dominating the city.

To participate in Territory Wars you must belong to a Gang, the equivalent of guilds in other online games. Several times a week gang members (with the granted rights) can sign up to battle for control of a combat zones. Rule over a territory is decided through tournament style matches, with defending gangs receiving byes if applicable. Strategy is key to success in Territory Wars as each gang member can only participate in one territory battle at a time. Gangs are also restricted in what territory they can fight for: those who control no turf can only battle for control of a rank 1 territory. A rank 2 territory can be fought for if a gang controls a rank 1 territory, and a rank 3 if a gang controls a rank 2. However a Plunder Chest (available on the Black Market) allows a gang to bypass these restrictions.

Owning a Territory has substantial perks. All players that fight in your territory will automatically pay a tax based on of their battle rewards. This money is then stored in your Gang’s vault. When fighting in your own territories you will receive combat bonuses which may include increased health, resistance or damage. In addition to this, higher rank territories offer special bonuses such as increased lobby run speed, vendor discounts, and improved crafting. The longer your gang retains control of your turf the more powerful your rewards will become. Receive greater rewards for conquering and holding multiples territories. Become legendary and have your name engraved in history by owning lobby districts or even the city itself!

territory wars