The terrible condition the humanity have to endures after the bleedout have inspire a bunch of youth to form what was currently known as the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood strive to assist those newbie that just set their footsteps into Sunrise City looking for fame with as many indepth details of what was happening and the technique to survives the harshest condition without supplying them with equipment; believing that feeding them with resources rather than information would just send those hungry new wannabe into hell considering those countless of ruthless gangster roaming around the street of Sunrise City.

The Brotherhood prefer diplomacy rather than war in these chaotic situation considering that nobody benefit from war; not even the criminal itself. Thus, each of the Brotherhood was train to be patient and tolerances to everybody even to the worst of the worst human. Hence, they constantly keep low profiles all the times even though they suffer humiliation from some of the much fame and famous gang. However, if the Brotherhood was ever in the mood to have fun; you can be guarantee that even the best of the best gang would be drag into one wild ride.

Locations: Global

Leader: DrSeptimus

Brief: Assist those who are new and naive, cause you have been on the route before.