Outside the walls

Shortly after the Thumcuff Accord was signed, Sunrise City isolated itself from the rest of the region behind a massive network of security towers and walls. These walls were constructed in two layers: a quickly-constructed series of "Outer Walls", built by welding metal plates between buildings and sealing gaps with abandoned vehicles and rubble, and a sturdier set of "Inner Walls", 40’ tall with walkways and interior facilities for security and patrols. These walls are separated by a ’moat’ of open space that averages 1-2 city blocks deep.

Beyond these walls, civilization has digressed into a savage kill-or-be-killed race for goods and resources. The inhabitants of these savage areas are called "ROGUES". Little is known about their apparent tribal society, but the areas immediately surrounding Sunrise City have been abandoned and left to them. These areas are often referred to as THE WILDS and THE MARSH.

The Wilds

The abandoned city wastelands to the North and East of the New City. This includes the historic remains of the original Fort Drexler to the north, as well as the skeletal framework of Drexler Bridge and Amos Ave Bridge, both of which had provided north-bound access from Sunrise City before the Bleedout.

It is believed that the strongest Rogue tribes exist here, most likely occupying Fort Drexler, though no proof of this occupation has been secured.

The Marsh

The Marsh includes the abandoned city wastelands to the South of the New City, at the tip of the original peninsula, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the unstable, muddy sediment, it is a very difficult area to traverse. Because of this naturally secure condition, it is not patrolled as frequently as the areas to the North. This ironically makes it a favorite approach for unauthorized access: smugglers, Federal insurgents, illegal aliens, etc. Most Marsh inhabitants, however, are desperate squatters driven mad by hunger and poor narcotics, fighting over decent shelter and simple resources.