This is the heart of Sunrise City, the seat of Municipal government and the heart of the business district. The new, makeshift City Hall lies here (replacing the Old City Hall, which now lies outside the walls, in contested Wild land). Before the Bleedout, this area was accessible via the Fortenberry Causeway which led to more residential areas across the river further East. This Causeway was intentionally destroyed as part of the Municipality’s security movement after the Bleedout.


Instances accessible from the Midtown:
Othello Sky Bridge 

One of the city’s more famous architectural structures before the Bleedout. It connected two of the tallest structures in the city, The Register Building and Othello Tower. It is one of the few remaining signature landmarks still visible on Sunrise City’s horizon line. It was the brainchild of architect Anna Larenova, who decided to incorporate the concept of the skybridge into the most exclusive offices of both Towers. This made the Skybridge some of the most expensive real estate in the county. After The Bleedout, however, the locale became valuable for distinctly different reasons - sniping and surveilance.


This processing facility is still used by The Sons of Liberty to research and test various developments and devices. Although it is not owned by the SoL, they have vested interest in its security. A large chemical factory formerly run by the megaindustrial, ChemTech, this processing plant has been used as a staging ground for continual raids and research. It is believed that many Chemtech secrets are still hidden inside from before The Bleedout, making it a target for treasure-hunters of all kinds.

South Canal Spillway 

This cobblestone reservoir is one of the oldest sections of the City, supposedly built by members of the Cockcrow Monastery. It now separates the poorer Belly Street district from what was once more affluent residential housing. The surrounding meat packing district saw its popularity boom when the hipster crowd descended on the area, converting the old warehouses into lofts and avant-garde exhibit halls. These people were first to flee into the Civil Defense Districts after the Bleedout. Now, it is in perpetual dispute from numerous gangs and Rogue tribes.

Reinhold Museum

Although gutted by looters, the Reinhold Museum still stands within what was once an affluent residential neighborhood. Its unique, S-curve architecture makes it a convenient ’above-ground tunnel’ through frequently contested territory plagued by Rogue squatters. The posh location was once a place where celebrities and dignitaries would mingle with artists, celebrating the latest in modern art trends. After The Bleedout, however, this famous museum became one of the most swiftly abandoned sites, as people across the city turned their focus to survival, rather than "pointless expression". Though portions of the old collections remain, the building is now little more than a criminal storehouse.

Center Street Station

Although technically located outside the walls, it is still frequented by intrepid smugglers looking to bypass the security screening entrances. Due to its close proximity to the city center and the railway depot within the city, it was originally designated the primary UN food distribution center in the earliest days of The Bleedout. When even UN food shortages became an issue, people became violent, causing massive riots which led to the militarization of the site. Today, this heavily fortified location is under perpetual dispute.

Belly Street

This depressed neighborhood is one of the poorest within the walls, but manages to stay that way despite the Mayor’s best efforts to rehabilitate that district. Many feel that it is kept that way for economic reasons by forces within The Scorpion Chamber - after all, a depressed neighborhood makes a good marketplace for narcotics...

Maxym Alley 

The back alley behind Club Maxym Red is notoroious for it’s private gladiator matches. It is small, with few places to hide, which makes it extremely dangerous. The nightclub is owned and managed by Arkady Kravchenko, leader of Bratva and one of the founding members of The Scorpion Chamber. It is extremely exclusive and accessible only by private invitation

La Famiglia Compound

In pre-Bleedout times this historic mansion belonged to Don Nunzio Bianchi family. It stood proudly in the center of midtown and lavish parties and balls were held here. It was built in the center of midtown located alongside fine art museums and financial institutions. After the Bleedout the mansion was continuously attacked and looted by squatters and rival gangs. The Don and his syndicate family relocated to a less high profile, more defensible location and the Don swore that someday he would reclaim it. The La Famiglia Compound now serves as a symbol of Gang prestige in Sunrise City. It is fought over endlessly day after day. As soon as one gang takes control of it, other gangs attack it. The longest the compound has ever been held by a single gang was three weeks.