This was one of the larger commercial/retail districts in Sunrise City, sandwiched between the Residential zones to the north and East and the Commercial zones to the West of the island. It maintained a steady flow of traffic and cash flow due in large part to its accessibility and well-lit neon streets. Citizens found comfort from the darkness here. It is perhaps the most wealthy of the various Civil Defense Districts, with the largest amount of cash passing through the various vendors and storefronts than any other concentration in Sunrise City. It is where the seediest interests can be pursued, provided by the seediest of the Scorpion Chamber’s criminal factions. 

Downtown is the preferred hangout for THE RYUJIN, BRATVA, and THE DISCIPLINE.

Instances accessible from the Downtown:
Old City Hall

The original campus of civil government buildings. It was one of the first targets of riot during the Bleedout, and was thus abandoned completely, intentionally left outside the constructed security walls. One of the most recognizable monuments of Sunrise City before the collapse, the Old City Hall has still managed to retain some semblance of its former glory despite the ruins surrounding it. Though no longer in use as a government facility, those who seek power in Sunrise City see it as a prize. Many believe it still contains valuable secrets ...


This platform was constructed by the Isopatch Oil company mere months before the Bleedout occurred. It was intended to be one of the first ’green drilling rigs’ in the world, designed to be safe enough for such near-coast extraction. Unfortunately the Bleedout hit before the rig could be completed. Isopatch abandoned the project, and the platform has since been claimed by independent city research scientists.

Mitsuki Tower 

Built by Mitsuki Motors, in silent partnership with Oyabun Oyanagi of the Ryujin Dragon Kings. When the Bleedout destroyed the auto industry, Oyanagi claimed the building for himself and his organization. Despite the ruin and damage gathered during the Bleedout riots, the Ryujin still claim ownership of this territory, even though many others tend to trespass with their own agandas. The structure itself has never recovered from an episode of corporate espionage in which the building’s security system triggered the incineration of one of the largest research labs in a measure to prevent theft of secret technology. The materials being incinerated, however, proved more flammable than expected, causing catastrophic fires which consumed much of the building.

Municipal Bank 

This is the city’s primary banking center, where large amounts of the city’s wealth is stored. This includes official Municipality funds, as well as private funds controlled by different members of The Scorpion Chamber.


This sporting arena lies outside the walls, in what is considered Rogue territory. Although it is frequently populated by Rogues and Squatters, many citizens and criminals use this large, commune-like ’mini-city’ for business and rendezvous.

Douglas Ave Labs 

This industrial facility was a pre-collapse haven for black market dealers and manufacturers alike. After The Bleedout, its capacity for both processing and manufacturing psychotropic substances quadrupled. Because of the dangerous substances used in this production, the Labs were deliberately left between the Inner- and Outer-walls, even though this meant greater threats to security. It still offers valuable research and testing tools. It lies just inside a heavily disputed section of wall that needs constant repair