Inside the walls

The areas inside the Walls are divided into several Civil Defense Districts (or "Lobbies"). These safe zones allow access to the Municipality-approved free-combat zones (or "Instances"). Each of these districts are strictly monitored by the Municipality, which in effect means by each of the six Criminal Factions of the Scorpion Chamber. Because of this universal exposure, the lobbies remain safe and relatively crime-free, even from the licensed Criminal Factions themselves.

There are currently 4 secured Civil Defense Districts within Sunrise City: REFUGEE ORIENTATION CENTER 7, MIDTOWN, DOWNTOWN, and OCEANSIDE. A new Civil Defense District is in the process of being reclaimed, DECKARD PLAZA.

Refugee Orientation Center 7

There are 9 secure entry points along the network of walls surrounding the City. Each one is aggressively patrolled, as outside refugees tend to gather en masse in hopes of finding sanctuary in one of the City’s safe zones. Each Entry Point includes a rigorous Refugee Screening Center, which thoroughly tests the health and mettle of each individual who hopes to become a citizen. The requirements for entry are prohibitively strict, but living conditions in the outside world are even worse, so people still apply in droves.

Entry Point 7 is the most inaccessible Entry Point, surrounded by The Marsh, but that still doesn’t stop people from working their way here.

Reclamation Project

One of The Mayor’s pet projects has been to expand the city’s territory and to reclaim sections of the city that had been sealed off by the walls. One such area is a region that had been dismissed by The Scorpion Chamber as ’risky’, and sealed off behind a set of western-facing walls. It was feared that the waterway was dangerously narrow at that point, and that they would be more vulnerable to invasion. The Evilyn Ross Memorial Bridge was blockaded and the area known as "Deckard Plaza" was sectioned off from New Sunrise City. Now, The Mayor wishes to reclaim Deckard Plaza, despite the fact that it is now host to hundreds of un-screened rogues and refugees. This proposal is in sharp debate, but he is making surprising strides towards reaching his goal.

The Sons of Liberty also have interest in this territory, claiming that it will give them a tactical defensive position from Federal Invasion